Architectural & Building Trends to Look For in 2014


Architectural & Building Trends to Look For in 2014

Whether you’re looking to remodel a home in Greenwich or build a new custom home in Fairfield, keeping an eye on the latest architectural trends and ideas will equip you with the planning tools necessary to build a state-of-the-art home. Here are three trends in particular to keep an eye on.

Passive Design
This is easily the most prolific architecture and building trend we’re seeing this year. Passive design, which is essentially building or remodeling a home to make it extremely energy efficient, can make your home significantly more environmentally friendly by reducing the draw on heating and cooling systems. Passive homes are known to be up to 90% more efficient than traditional homes. They make use of local environmental features to heat and cool without using “active” methods such as traditional air conditioning or heating. Passive homes are virtually airtight, and solar is the primary energy source. Another significant element is the reduction of direct sunlight into the house. Planting trees to generate shade will keep the home cooler in the summer.

Remodeling a home using the principles of passive design would involve steps that include replacing windows and insulation with the latest energy-efficient models and materials and installing solar power. If you’re building a new home, you, of course, have the ability to design from scratch using the latest passive design methods.

Integrated Technology
If you’re considering home renovations or a new custom home build, you’ll want to consider some of today’s impressive technology for the home. Integrated technology of all shapes and sizes is becoming more and more common. This ranges from touchscreen controls for your home’s environment and entertainment systems to “smart” systems that help you track changes in humidity, temperature, and light. The technologies in question can range widely, with different benefits. For example, smart thermostats allow you to set your home’s temperature remotely. Furthermore, they track how you use your thermostat over time, and they self-adjust, reducing energy usage. Another example is low-energy LED smart lighting, which will allow you to adjust the color and intensity of the light. With a few taps on your tablet, smart lighting allows you to adjust from soft, warm light to firmer, whiter light for more visibility.

Tranquil Spaces
Another burgeoning design trend is to transform existing spaces in your home into “tranquil spaces,” areas where you can unplug from your busy schedule for a few moments and just relax. This can be both a dedicated space inside a home or a function of the more private rooms in your house; how it’s applied will depend on your needs and existing spaces. The master bath is a common location for establishing a tranquil space, and renovations can include adding a walk-in shower or Jacuzzi tub. New or existing spaces can be soundproofed to block outside noise for meditation, to focus on work, or just to generally relax after a hard day. This can extend to bedrooms as well, with décor, furnishings, and materials that are conducive to serenity.

Regardless of trends, remember that your home is ultimately defined by your vision. Choose what best defines your needs. If you need help, contact a homebuilder. In the end, the home should be a reflection of you.