A Few Things Not to Forget When Building a Custom Home


A Few Things Not to Forget When Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home, renovation, or addition provides an incredible opportunity to personalize your space. A good Architect and Homebuilder will ensure that all necessary elements are in place, but if your family has specific needs, you’ll want to plan them out in advance. This way, you can avoid having to go back in and make changes later. To ensure that your new home is built just right the first time around, consider the following tips.

Don't Forget

Mud Room and Pantry

It’s easy to get caught up with the kitchen and bathrooms, but spending time planning your functional spaces can make life much more pleasant in the long run. Having a proper mudroom, which can include laundry, will allow you and the kids to drop muddy boots and wet coats as soon as you come through the door. The mudroom will help keep things clean and organized and make entry into your home more pleasant.

The pantry is an excellent space for large bulk food items and kitchen equipment. It can also be a great place to use small, loud appliances such as coffee grinders and/or blenders.  The pantry allows you to store dry and canned items that may not be required as frequently, thus freeing up space for more perishable items.

Ample Storage Space

When you’re building a custom home, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for more storage space than your family currently requires. A spacious basement is a nice feature, but take some time to map out the area by identifying where storage bins and shelves will be located. Take advantage of the benefits of a custom project and plan the space for current as well as future needs.

Consider including an additional storage outbuilding close to the pool or pool house or a second garage on the property, even if the space is not needed immediately. Young children will accumulate plenty of items that will need to be stored. And one day they’ll need cars. Will you have the garage space?

Irrigation System
Adding an irrigation system before construction will save you from having to disrupt your lawn with equipment and digging in the future. Underground sprinklers and drip irrigation systems will help keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. When professionally installed, irrigation will provide just the right amount of water to your plants and lawn.

Special Lighting
One of the joys of building a custom home is that each room can be designed with its own unique lighting scheme. Decide how you want to illuminate key areas in advance to allow for special lighting features, if desired. Consider adding lighting in locations you may not have considered previously — such as under the kitchen cabinets. Don’t forget to include dimmer switches.

Sound System
Building new or renovating is the perfect time to install a custom, built-in sound system. Your walls will be open during construction, making it much easier to run wires. You’ll want to think about sound for the main rooms as well as a special setup for the TV area and/or media room. You might consider adding an outdoor speaker system for entertaining and everyday use.

Building a new home from the ground up can be a big thrill. In the rush to complete the project, however, it’s important for homeowners to keep key priorities top of mind. Additions such as a mudroom, bonus storage space, and special lighting are elements that you’ll be thankful for in the long run.