Keys to Good Curb Appeal


Keys to Good Curb Appeal

If you’re building a new custom home or completing a home renovation project, you’ll want to consider the value of designing the property with good curb appeal. If your home is inviting and attractive as you pull into the driveway, it will make coming home every day a pleasure. Good curb appeal is also a significant selling factor when you’re looking to make a good impression on potential buyers at resale. The following tips provide general guidelines on how to make the front exterior and landscaping of your home as attractive as possible.

What Impression Do You Want to Make?
As you approach your home building or renovation project, consider what you want the eye drawn to. If you’re renovating an existing structure, consider the property’s best features. Work to emphasize those while improving the features that are lacking. Keep in mind how your design choices will affect resale. These general guidelines will help guide you to necessary changes.

Front Entry
The front entry is one of the most important visual components of a home’s exterior. Consider putting significant effort into creating a large front entry with proportioned overhang. Lead from the driveway or sidewalk to the entry with a natural stone or brick walkway. The front door is an excellent opportunity to make an impression. Naturally stained wood doors, such as mahogany, are an appealing choice. You also might consider using the front door as an accent piece and painting it with a bold color such as red. Also, create symmetry by installing lighting fixtures, such as lantern-style sconces, positioned on either side of the door.

Choosing colors can be a challenging and subjective exercise. To get started, consider using other materials that are part of the exterior as a jumping-off point. Grays and beiges complement stone and provide a neutral option that will appeal to potential homebuyers down the line. If you’re looking for something a little more visually engaging, you can explore contrasting colors on the doors, shutters, and/or trim. You can also get some good ideas by driving around the area and looking at the paint schemes of neighboring homes.

Attractive and judicious landscaping has the power to bring a home to life and can provide a softening contrast to the hard surfaces of stone, wood, and brick. Landscape architects are a worthy investment. They can do wonders with the appropriate shrubs, trees, and flowers. Ornate stonework, including walkways and steps, can really dress things up. Ornate outdoor lighting can also help your home’s exterior stand out.

The Details Matter
When it comes to curb appeal, the small details can make a big difference. Copper gutters and leaders add an elegant touch. Hardware, such as doorknobs and hinges, can help as well. You might also consider installing fencing and/or an arbor at the front of the property. As you work through the planning stage, step outside your home and scan it with a critical eye. Remember that even something as simple as a leaky outdoor spigot can affect curb appeal.