Tips for Building Effective Storage Space


Tips for Building Effective Storage Space

If you’re building a custom home, you have the freedom to design the space to your exact specifications. If you’re building a renovation or a new home addition, you may also have the flexibility to add space. The addition of ample storage space is a critical component of the design that can often be overlooked. An experienced contractor and architect can help you build the home of your dreams while also creating room to tuck away certain belongings. Often, creative storage solutions can take advantage of space that otherwise would have gone unused.

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Consider Your Storage Needs
We all need more storage, but needs often vary. Before you begin your custom home, renovation, or addition project, map out the type of storage you require. Do you need more room in your kitchen, or are you looking for space to store toys? Understanding your needs before you begin building will ensure that you get the most out of these efforts. To better aid this process, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the items you plan to store require them to be safely out of reach, or are some items intended for display?
  • How accessible do the items need to be? Belongings that you use only once or twice a year can probably be stored in spaces that are farther from the main living area. For items that will be accessed more frequently, you’ll want them to be closer to the main living area and easier to access in general. For example, you may not want certain items up high if they’re going to be accessed regularly.
  • What level of organization do you require from your storage areas? Do you need basic drawers or shelving to store bulk items, or do you need solutions that let you organize a collection?

Conduct a Home Assessment
Start by looking at spaces that are currently available for shelving or cabinets, either within your existing home or in your architectural drawings. Most any home will have areas that would be appropriate for added storage. Assess the space with a creative eye by considering areas such as under the staircases. Mudrooms, bathroom cabinetry, pantries, and ample kitchen cabinetry are among some of the more useful and appreciated storage areas. Just remember to have your builder assess any potential location to ensure there aren’t any electrical conduits, plumbing, or other features you’ll need to work around. Then begin discussing ideas with your builder and architect.

Bring In a Custom Home Builder
A custom home builder and architect will have experience putting together a variety of creative and traditional storage solutions. When you hire professionals, your project is sure to run smoother and faster.

More storage can be a simple way to add value to the home while removing clutter from your life. So whether you have a precious collection that requires organization or just want a place to put your belongings, well-designed storage solutions will provide peace of mind.