If you’re building a new home, or purchasing a property to renovate, then you’re likely listing your existing home for sale. When your new construction project is complete you don’t want your existing property to be sitting on the market. Having two homes to manage can be a maintenance and logistical burden. Of course you’ll want to get fair market value and you want the house to sell fast. The right preparation and strategy will give you the best chance of achieving these goals.

For Sale Sign

Study The Market
Start with getting a basic understanding of the property market in your area. At the moment Fairfield County towns like Greenwich, Stamford, Darien and Fairfield are becoming seller markets. As a result home prices are on the rise. Markets elsewhere still remain stagnant. Start by getting a handle on fair market value for your home. You can do so by reviewing recently sold properties in comparable Fairfield County towns. Sold data is available through a variety of online resources including the Stamford Advocate. Zillow, and other national sites, are also great resources.

Think About Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is important, particularly when you’re working to draw buyers in. The vast majority of homebuyers today start their home search online. As a result they will be identifying potential properties based on a few select images. The first image they see will likely be the front of your home. There’s no second chance to make a first impression. Take an objective look at your property and make improvements as needed. Often it’s the little touches that make the difference. As a basic starting point you’ll want to consider the appearance of the front entry, house color, paint job and landscaping.  Do some additional research for ideas on how to best improve the curb appeal of your home.

Renovations and Touch Ups
The majority of homes in Fairfield County are well kept. Home shoppers, however, are detail-oriented and can be highly critical. Although your home may be presentable, you’ll want to dig deeper and take a close look at the details. Fix little things like leaky faucets or small cracks in the driveway. If you’ve been putting off bigger projects, such as painting the house, or fixing a rotting fence, now would be a good time to get them done.

Price Fairly and In Line With the Market
Having a good handle on local comparable sold properties will allow you to price your property effectively. A good real estate agent can also guide you here. When it comes to pricing trust your realtor and trust the comparable sold listings. Buyers use the same information when they make an offer and buyers always end up setting the price. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotional component. Homes are a wonderful source of shared memories. Do your best to separate your emotional connection to the property and look at the data to drive your pricing strategy.

Be Willing To Negotiate
Selling a home quickly often requires a bit of flexibility. Establish a low price you’d be willing to accept, assuming it falls in line with the market, and try sticking to that when negotiating. Don’t be tempted to take the first offer if it doesn’t feel right. Even if you need to sell your home quickly, there’s no reason to accept less than what it’s actually worth.