The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the house. If you’re building a new custom home or working on a renovation or addition project, chances are you’ll be putting significant effort into developing the kitchen design. An ample pantry is one element you may be considering. With careful design, thoughtful decor, and the right building plan, a pantry can be a functional and cherished extension to your home’s gourmet kitchen.


Designing the space
Start by considering your needs in detail. Give some thought to how you want the pantry to function. Will you be storing large volumes of food? Will you be using the pantry to store kitchen equipment? How often will you be both in and out of the space? Do you need it to be functional to aid cooking and entertaining, or simply a small room for storage? Will you be using it to prep food? When you’re building a custom home, renovation, or addition, you’ll have the ability to design the space to meet your exact needs.

Once you’ve determined your food and storage requirements, you can start looking into how the space will work practically. If you simply require storage space for dry and/or canned goods, you may want a built-in space not unlike a small closet. For food prep, large kitchen equipment, and large quantities of bulk items, you’ll likely need a larger walk-in space. Either way, a good builder and architect can develop creative storage solutions with a variety of custom shelves and bins that will allow you to maximize the area and tuck things away discreetly.

Next, consider your kitchen’s overall aesthetics. Since the space will be adjacent to your kitchen, it’s important to plan how to integrate your pantry into the kitchen’s overall design. For example, if you’re going to have a walk-in space, considering using the same flooring as in your kitchen to make it one continuous area. In smaller spaces without windows, it might make sense to use lighter colors to brighten the room and infuse some energy. You don’t need to match your kitchen’s decor point for point. The style can parallel your kitchen, but it can also be a separate space.

If you’re installing counters in your pantry for food prep, make sure you have outlets that your appliances can reach. If you’re including storage for sensitive items such as wine, the pantry can be an excellent space for a climate-controlled wine storage system.

The pantry should not only serve your current needs, but also be designed for how you plan to use the space in the future. If you’re planning to grow your family, you’ll likely need more space down the line. Leave room to add shelves, bins, and places to store and use equipment. With care, precision, and quality building, your pantry will be an excellent addition to your home.