The right windows can have a significant impact on the personality and style of your home design, and quality materials can ensure a higher level of energy efficiency. Because of the overall visual benefits that windows bring to luxury homes, and the significant role they play in efficiency, windows should be chosen with carefully when building, remodeling, or replacing. Experienced luxury homebuilders can help guide the buying process when it comes to making the right choices.


Establish Your Needs in Detail
It’s important to establish exactly what you’re looking for before you remodel or build new, particularly with a luxury home. For example, some high-end window companies only offer windows clad in certain materials, which may not fit your home’s design or environmental and energy requirements. Similarly, not all window makers offer the same types, so take note of your specific needs. If you’re looking for “green” windows, or windows that block noise, you should have a discussion with your contractor early in the homebuilding process.

Know Your Materials
Pay close attention to the window frames and the materials they are made from. Window frames come in wood, aluminum or metal, composite, fiberglass and vinyl. Most luxury homes feature custom wood frames for their unmatched aesthetic value and notable efficiency. Wood windows can be highly energy efficient. However, wood windows will require more maintenance than metal. Work with your architect and/or homebuilder to determine which material makes sense for you.

Proper Installation
Plenty of “well built” homes have experienced water infiltration issues as a result of improper window installation. Quality homebuilders will always take the appropriate steps to prevent leaks, and ensure peak efficiency. The key elements that go into any window installation include quality house wrap followed by window flashing and sealant. Proper installation methods, and the use of quality materials, are essential. Professional builders with window installation experience should always handle the job.

Choose The Best
With windows in particular you get what you pay for. Work closely with your contractor when choosing materials, and pay careful attention to their suggestions. By planning ahead, and choosing the right contractor, you’ll find the right balance of aesthetics and quality.