Dynamic family situations, such as frequent visits, and additional space needed for elderly parents or children home from college make a guest house an ideal solution. The dwelling not only provides extra living space, which keeps disruptions to the main house to a minimum, but it also provides privacy for you and your guests. You can also convert the space for other uses, such as an office or place for business.

Guest House

As with any home construction project, building a guest house, whether as part of a renovation or custom home build, requires good planning, effective communication, and strategic project management. Consulting with a qualified homebuilder will help set your expectations, and it is a critical means of obtaining advice on how to build to your exact specifications and the needs of your visitors. Here are a few considerations to ensure that you cover all the bases and make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Design Priorities
Your guest home can be a simple studio or a luxurious two-story multilevel with a master suite, kitchen, multiple baths, library, exercise room, and more. Begin by writing down a list of priorities for the space to ensure that all of your needs will be met.
Some things you want to think about:
– Attached or detached
– Private entrance
– Local code restrictions on size and placement
– Full or mini-kitchen
– Luxury master suite, several smaller rooms, or both
– Orientation of windows and doors in regards to how the lot resides
– Landscaping
– Special limitations — building codes or otherwise

Whether you choose traditional luxury architecture or a sleek contemporary design, a qualified homebuilder can create a space that epitomizes both beauty and functionality.

Local Building Code Requirements
Fairfield County towns including Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Westport, Fairfield, and Redding each have specific building codes, zoning requirements, and building regulations. Remember, the ordinances can change from year to year. Consult with your homebuilder, architect, and/or land engineer to determine the construction process and local building code requirements in your town. The project will require permits for building, electricity, plumbing, and other systems. In addition, the city building inspector will have to approve each step of the project. A qualified builder will be able to manage all approvals and will have intimate knowledge of the process.

Selection of a Fairfield County, CT Homebuilder
Choose a homebuilder that has the experience to apply the latest technologies, health and energy standards, and modern construction standards necessary to transform your vision of the guest house into a reality. Look for a homebuilder with a high-quality portfolio of completed projects and the ability to get the project completed on time and on budget.

Whether you’re purchasing an existing property with the intention of adding a guest house, or planning to build a new custom home with a guest house as part of the plans, careful preparation and the right builder can help you create the perfect space.