Building a luxury home in Fairfield County, CT, requires a large quantity of materials. As a result, it’s easy for home construction job sites to become cluttered with scrap materials and debris. This is part of the job, but it’s also something that the contractor can control.

Clean Site

Every wall that gets framed, or sheet of drywall that gets hung, produces some level of debris. Large luxury homes are even more prone to clutter, as they simply require more materials and workers. Messy job sites, however, typically lead to unhappy clients and can cause workplace hazards. A good builder will always have a strategy for keeping the site clean.

Keeping the Client Happy
Whether it’s a custom home or a smaller renovation, clients want to see progress on a regular basis. As a result, they will often be on the property. When the site is clean and organized, clients are much happier. When it’s littered with construction debris and trash, they tend to question the builder’s professionalism, and that can affect the perception of the builder’s quality of work.

Every good builder has a plan. For example, trash should be discarded in the dumpster as soon as lunch is over. Although it can be difficult and unproductive to constantly be cleaning throughout the day, scraps around the site should be cleaned up a few times daily, with a more extensive cleanup before heading home. Tools, lumber, and building materials should be organized and placed to the side.

If the property is a mess, it’s only a matter of time before someone trips or steps on something sharp. That won’t happen if the floor is swept and the ground is raked. This doesn’t require a major effort. It just takes a couple of minutes, for example, to take a jumbled mess of boards and turn it into a tidier stack.

Workplace injuries are more common when workers have to step over hazards. With additions and renovations of existing homes, the homeowner is constantly on site. The risk of the homeowner walking in and getting injured just isn’t worth it. It’s much easier to keep things clean and organized than to handle a worker’s compensation claim or lawsuit.

Clean Job Sites Boost Productivity
A box of drywall screws can hide under a scrap of plywood for hours until someone finally finds it. The messier the site is, the easier it is for things to get lost. If the site is clean and organized, however, everything should be easy to find when needed.

Cleaning up should be part of every day’s work. If there’s something out of place at the beginning of the day, it should find a home. At the end of the day, every worker should pitch in to pick up and organize the site before heading home. Periodic cleanup breaks keep the mess from getting out of hand.