If your custom home building or addition project is wrapping up in the fall, it’s not too late to start some landscaping. Fall is generally mild in Fairfield County, CT, which is gentle on plants and grass. And even when temperatures dip with a heavy frost, the soil is still relatively warm. You won’t necessarily find lush, thriving vegetable crops this time of year, but you can introduce color and texture to your property if you take advantage of what the cooler weather has to offer.

Fall Planting

Fall Is the Best Time for Many Trees, Shrubs, and Grass
You wouldn’t know it by the overflowing garden centers in springtime, but fall planting gives trees, shrubs, and grass a solid head start on a healthy life. It’s not the only time to plant, but it’s a great time. If your property needs more anchor plants, or a new lawn, now is the time to get them started. The reason is that trees, shrubs, and grass develop a nice root system without the stress of heat. That gives them a healthier boost when spring arrives again, which is especially nice if you and your home builder are planning new construction work in the spring. Settled landscape helps any new construction look more mature.

Varieties to avoid planting in the fall include evergreen shrubs such as hollies, boxwoods, rhododendrons, and similar shrubs. They can survive, but they need protection from wind and cold.

Spring Blooms Begin in the Fall
All of the beautiful spring daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips begin several months earlier, in the fall. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t find spring-flowering bulbs in the spring, there’s science behind it. It’s not the length of time in the ground that matters, but the temperatures during that time that spark growth and blooms. Spring-flowering bulbs need exposure to a long period of cold temperatures to trigger spring growth. Even the famous holiday amaryllis needs chilling before it’s forced to bloom indoors.

It’s a Great Outdoor Activity
Once the weather starts turning cooler, outdoor activities are harder to come by. Landscaping and gardening chores in the fall can give you lots of reasons to head outside to enjoy the vibrant blue skies and crisp temperatures.

It’s a bit late to plant a traditional fall vegetable garden, since that needs the warmer weather of late summer for germination and growth. But you aren’t restricted to living indoors and merely daydreaming about working outside.

Your property and the surrounding community might look like they’re going to sleep, but there’s still life left outdoors in Fairfield County, CT. Fall doesn’t mean that your garden is over until spring; it’s prime time for planting certain features around your home that can last for years to come.