There are a variety of reasons to build a home addition. They can include the arrival of a new baby, teenagers outgrowing the space, or the welcoming of an elderly loved one. Or maybe you just want to upgrade and build that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted, while adding on a much-needed mudroom.

Those who choose a home addition, vs. building new, are often attached to the features and location of their current property. Besides the house itself you may be partial to the neighborhood, the school system, and/or the yard. And those living in Fairfield County, CT know it can be hard to find good, buildable land in town like Greenwich, Darien, Westport and Stamford. Whatever the reason, home additions can give you the power to custom design new spaces to meet your specific needs, while allowing you to stay in the house that you love. Also, the typical home addition, particularly when done well, will add value, and likely provide a return on your investment. Following are four of the most popular home additions.

Kitchen Addition
The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house with regard to modernization and provides excellent return on investment. Luxury kitchen remodels can realize up to 60 percent ROI. According to Kiplinger, an upscale kitchen project outperforms in return on investment over practically any other single room remodel.

Some of the most important kitchen features for 2016 include customized storage, integration with living areas, clean lines instead of fussy details, and muted colors (think dove grays and faded blues).

Bathroom Addition
Bathroom additions are nearly tied with kitchens when it comes to return on investment. ROI is just under 60 percent, based on Remodeling magazine national averages. With other factors considered, such as the precise location of the home, ROI can be higher, and the lifestyle improvement is always substantial.

A bathroom addition benefits a home in a variety of ways. It can allow multiple family members the ability to have their own space for getting ready in the morning. It gives everyone, including guests, more privacy, and it allows you to potentially realize the master bath as an exclusive retreat. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, trends to watch this year are walk-in showers with zero threshold, freestanding tubs, floating vanities, undermount sinks, freestanding soaking tubs, shower lighting, and a shift to more neutral colors.

Bedroom Additions, Particularly a Master Suite
As with a bathroom, additional bedrooms give family, guests, or both, a space of their own. But a master suite addition ranks highest of all, at nearly 60 percent ROI. An important trend to watch is the luxury suite that’s more than just a bedroom and bath. These upscale spaces are more retreat than master bedroom addition, and can include a sitting area, fireplace and even a breakfast nook.

Second or Third Story Addition
If you don’t have the space to build out there’s only one place to go – up. A second or third-story addition can pay off big dividends, with a 71.8 percent average ROI.

Building an additional floor opens up endless possibilities. With a two-story addition, you can add a family room and bathroom on the first floor and a master suite above. Or create the kitchen of your dreams on the first floor with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. Additions of this scale can double your living space, or more.

There’s only so much that a home remodel project can do within the confines of the existing square footage. To get the home that you really want and need, a home addition sometimes makes the most sense. With an addition you can plan that gourmet kitchen, expand sleeping areas, or even double your living space. The possibilities are endless.