Owners of custom homes are thinking beyond the kitchen and bathroom these days to a space in the home that used to be completely ordinary: the laundry room. New home construction and renovation jobs in and around Fairfield County have been seeing the trend toward more sophisticated, functional, high-tech, and comfortable spaces. This should come as no surprise, considering the amount of time spent in the laundry room each week — not to mention the substantial cost of top-of-the-line appliances. Homeowners, and their help, seek a comfortable space to do laundry.

Laundry Room

When building a new home, you’ll have the ability to design the space in any configuration with the help of your contractor. As a result, the room can function in a variety of ways. When planning begins, one of the biggest decisions you’ll be faced with will be the type of equipment to choose. Based on the prevalence of front-loading machines in home décor magazines, it seems this style is the most popular. The truth is that these machines are just more aesthetically appealing. Front loaders can, unfortunately, have issues — the most significant of which is odor. The cause is typically moisture that can stay trapped in the door crevices of the machine at the end of the cycle. Stevenson Company, a consumer trends tracking firm, says front-load machine popularity has plummeted in recent years.

New top loaders are incredibly sophisticated now, and they don’t go sour. They offer high-efficiency (HE) operation, low water use, and high-speed spinning, and many of them have done away with the old-fashioned agitator.

Modern Laundry Rooms Nod to the Past
A forward-thinking laundry space is more environmentally friendly than those from just a few years ago. So it’s almost ironic that energy conservation is taking a cue from the past. Laundry room renovations are incorporating air-dry stations that preserve delicate clothing without the need for a clothesline outdoors. Some of them are as attractive as they are clever.

Laundry room additions or reconfigurations might include a wall-mount air-dry station that pulls out from hidden drawers, or even mounts on the ceiling. They lower using a pulley system for easy hanging, then raise up and out of the way. And because modern machines remove so much excess water, you won’t have puddles on the floor.

Cabinetry and Other Options
A good home builder can install laundry room cabinetry that rivals the kitchen in style and features. Sufficient cabinet space will keep the room looking tidy and can be built in any style. Rich wood or other high-end finishes are popular, and countertops can be granite, marble, or any other material, including recycled glass. Center islands are another important feature. They provide an ideal folding station and storage underneath. You’ll also want to consider task lighting, a utility sink that’s built into the countertop, and flooring that’s safe for damp areas.

Just as luxury kitchens have numerous hidden features behind cabinet doors, so can the laundry room. Useful options include concealed drying cabinets, which combine the best of air and machine drying. And some have swivel-out ironing boards and mending stations that are handy and tuck away when not in use. Practically any feature can be incorporated.

Multipurpose Laundry Rooms
Ask your contractor about creating a multi-function space. Some larger laundry rooms have craft and hobby stations, and some combine the laundry room and mud room. Good ventilation keeps dampness in check.

Another option is adding a handy pet shower where the dog can hop in directly from the outdoors when the shower is positioned within the house appropriately. Pet showers are popular in mudroom laundry spaces, but they can work anywhere.

Your Fairfield County, CT home deserves a laundry room that’s worthy of the custom home that it resides in. If you have room for only a small area, it can be still be efficient, beautiful, and brimming with smart, modern, convenient, and eco-friendly features.