The luxury homebuilding process in Fairfield County, CT, and other luxury markets has always involved complicated procedures and equipment. And experienced contractors have been using advanced estimating, engineering, and building materials and technologies for years now. Just recently, however, we’re seeing a handful of new advancements that have the potential to make fairly dramatic improvements in the building process.

Building Tech

High-Definition Surveying
The high-def survey equipment in use now offers a level of precision that’s never been seen before. This is genuine high technology in action on the construction site. The new equipment can produce an exact three-dimensional model of a site, accessing survey points that no other equipment ever could. HDS, as it’s called, uses narrow-beam lasers to capture positional data at exceptional speeds. With HDS, survey accuracy is unparalleled.

Mobile Technology
Having access to smartphones and tablets on the worksite allows builders to communicate with subcontractors, maintain material inventory on site, order new materials on the go, and more. The result is a more efficient and convenient building process.

Designated home construction apps can help improve processes. Apps exists that help make construction calculations and measurements. And project management apps provide mobile access to technical drawings, meeting schedules, and punch lists and can even sync with financial software.

Nanoparticle Paint
Nanoparticle paint is perhaps the first step toward a self-cleaning house. The technology actually helps repel dirt and debris. Think about the way that water beads up on certain vegetation or a freshly waxed vehicle — the effect is similar. When debris contacts a surface with nanoparticle paint, it doesn’t necessarily roll off, but water from a garden hose or rain will carry debris away without leaving a mark. Dirt that lands on nanoparticle paint doesn’t stick, so it’s almost effortless to clean it away. It’s also mold and mildew resistant.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)
Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, have a definite place in home construction. The broad-scope benefit is how they capture a project on video at a range and from angles that would otherwise be impossible. In addition, drones survey land for assessment and help track job progress. The legalities of drone use are complicated, but the FAA released its rules for safe and legal use in June 2016.

Smart-Tint Wi-Fi Windows
Controlling the amount of sunlight that comes into the house has traditionally been the job of drapes, blinds, and awnings. For years, controlling the amount of light that you let in has primarily been a manual process, with the exception of some electronic adjustable shades. Wi-Fi-enabled smart-tint windows are a game-changer, and building a new house, renovation, or addition may be the perfect time to give them a try.

Smart tint is a window film that allows the homeowner to adjust the tint level from clear to almost completely opaque using a smartphone. The adjustment takes about a second.

Wright Building Company is on the forefront of homebuilding technology, and has built hundreds of advanced luxury homes and renovations in Greenwich, Westport, Wilton, Rye and across all of Southern CT as well as Westchester County, NY. We pride ourselves on using and installing the latest technologies and have been incorporating high-tech building procedures for years. This is a great time for builders as we continue to make better homes for our clients.